About us

Traveling gives inspiration, unique new possibilities and motivates us to become better.

Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque is a cuisine of impression, a gastro travel with a strong character and gentle taste.

Chef, a gastro traveller Vladimir Yaroslavskiy, has made his own menu which is diverse and rich in classic dishes from all around the world.
Furthermore, his characteristic interpretation of the best recipes and unique way of serving transform traditional cuisine into a masterpiece.
In the core of Vladimir Yaroslavskiy’s own approach “Contemporary Kitchen” there are healthy and hearty Italian cuisine, exquisite dishes made with special french thoroughness and attention to details.
Education in Institute Paul Bocuse, traineeship all around the world, and openness to new culinary experiments – these are the things which allow Vladimir to create masterpieces with perfect flavor combinations.
Just like the journeys which fill us with impressions, Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque expands culinary horizon and invites guests to a world of haute cuisine and delicious wines.

To create mood required for a gastro journey chef will personally welcome You and help to choose an appropriate dish for your special case.
Restaurant’s wine list is the biggest in Ukraine.
Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque is provided with exclusive supplies of the freshest products such as fish, meat, farmer’s vegetables and fruits.
All of the products and wines from our partner, shop GoodWine, are available for tastings in our restaurant.

Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque. Impressions with taste.

Label Rouge Scottish salmon tartar

Label Rouge Scottish salmon tartar


Label Rouge Scottish salmon tartar Two big cottage cheese pancakes Josper grilled chilen with chicory salad Strawberry with meringue and mascarpone Ceasar salad with shrimps Poke Bowl with salmon Octopus Pink sea bass carpaccio

Mozarella di Bufala DOP

Mozarella di Bufala DOP

Wine List

Wine. A catalyst of good mood. Natural feeling enhancer. The main aperitif. Wine is sacrament… That’s why we pay special attention to the wine list. Wine list of Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque is the biggest in Ukraine.

Special features:

* We open all the bottles which are on the shelves of GoodWine shops. There are more than 4000 items of wine in Your disposal. We want our guests to have a possibility to try a new wine everyday.

* Every month we update the assortment of wines by glasses. The diversity of wines in Lucky Restaurant Vinotheque will surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs of this honorable liquor.

Trust our sommelier and he will select wines of different countries and flavor qualities for the best harmony with dishes selected.

* For your special occasion there are exclusive seasoned wines available. Thanks to the «Coravin» technology guests don’t have to buy a bottle.

«Coravin» allows you to try a glass of seasoned wine, which is worth special events in Your life without damaging the integrity of cork.

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Duck Confit

Duck Confit

Where to find us

Kiev, Mechnikova str, 9 (Pechersk district)
Working hours:
mon-fri 8:00-23:00
sat-sun 10:00-23:00
num: +38 095 299 07 99